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We work as a team, play by the book, and accomplish more than you expect from us.

No Stray Writers on Board
To make sure only the most potent experts join the team, we thoroughly test each candidate’s competence.
CV Review

To apply, all hopefuls must present us with their CVs, which we then study and screen. The candidates’ academic credentials, achievements, and field experience are all important to us. Beginners or laymen simply won’t make the cut.

Language Test

At this stage of the selection process, we test an applicant’s language skills. A deep understanding of grammar rules, impeccable spelling and a broad vocabulary – these are just some of the things that we look for in our candidates.

Phone Interview

Having demonstrated their skill in English, all hopefuls are required to go through a comprehensive phone interview. We want to know all about their background so that we can put a face, or rather voice, to their names.

Trial Assignment

When looking at contenders for the job, we need to be persuaded that they are fit to do the job. To ensure that only the best work is released to customers, we screen all candidates for their ability to write under pressure.

Regular Monitoring

This is when we welcome newcomers to the team and bless them for effective work. To make sure that all writers show consistent quality across all stages of the writing process, their performance is regularly measured and monitored.

Time for You to Step In

Choosing a personal writer for your specific task is key to everything, and we are happy to advise on and present you with the most suitable candidates. Select the one that suits your project best and watch them deliver miracles.

Don't Shelve Your Academic Dreams

Fueled by our innermost ambition to create worthy-of-publication dissertations, BuyDissertationOnline started out as a small, intimate venture with just two persons behind the wheel. Gradually but steadily, we amassed a pool of talent comprising over 500 academic enthusiasts eager to serve you.

For years, customers from all over the world have been using our services because of our experience in assisting degree-seekers with their projects. We have written more than 20,000 papers, helping people of all backgrounds achieve their dreams. Don’t shelve yours.

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