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A List Of Interesting Dissertation Topics

The best dissertations are founded on brilliant, original topics that have solid foundations. When you are looking for English dissertation ideas or mathematics dissertation ideas, or any other topic, you’ll find something of value here.

Bizarre Dissertation Proposal Topics

  1. Does country music lead to suicide? Some research has been done that the alcohol abuse, and alienation at work sung about in country music can cause suicide.
  2. Why do Bedouin’s wear black in the hot desert? Doesn’t black absorb heat and makes you hotter?
  3. Fashion in ancient France: how did personal ornamentation keep a society together?
  4. Which is heavier, a pound of feathers or a pound of lead? Although one pound of anything is the same weight as one pound of anything else, researchers have found that one can feel lighter than the other.
  5. Other good dissertation topics like: do chickens like good-looking people? There was an experiment done that proved chickens prefer the faces of more attractive people.
  6. What if there were baby blankets that monitored the temperature of your child? You could know if your baby was too hot or too cold.
  7. How should a boss choose to promote a worker? Italian researchers have proven that it would be better for companies to promote people at random.
  8. Do taxi drivers navigate differently than the rest of us? It’s suggested that working as a taxi driver makes the part of your brain responsible for navigation smarter.
  9. Should unicorns really exist?
  10. What is the history of gossip about celebrities? Do the tabloids have it right in presenting people the way they do?

Accounting Dissertation Topics

In accounting, numbers are everything, and there will be an emphasis to statistics and reports in your dissertation. Keep reading to find out some of the dissertation topic ideas that are the most common and also well praised:

  1. How microfinance has impacted banks in the UK
  2. Is partnership between the private and public sectors important?
  3. Innovation in the finances of Asia and Europe
  4. How are off-balance sheet activities handled in the UK?
  5. What is the relationship between performance and equity price?
  6. How are the roles of commercial and retail banks different?
  7. Alternate channels of delivery for retail banking: analysis, nature, scope and prospects of the future
  8. How is market efficiency measured in emerging markets?
  9. How do hedge funds work and how popular are they?
  10. How secure is online banking?

Geography Dissertation Ideas

Places in the world have a huge impact on everyday life. If you had grown up in China instead of Brazil for example, it would have changed you as a person, and that means something in the cultural context of today’s world

  1. Bird ringing and ethics: does the end result justify the means?
  2. Is air pollution making more people get asthma or making those who have it get worse symptoms?
  3. Discuss transportation and how it affects and improves our culture.
  4. What effect does hiking and biking have for soil erosion on popular trails?
  5. The impact of large wood debris on river bank erosion
  6. Is it a cultural or environmental change that has triggered the collapse of civilization in the Middle East?
  7. What is everyday life in the average city in (choose any country)?
  8. How does the size of soil particles affect the passing through of oily pollutants?
  9. The effect of a dam burst and the resulting flood devastates not only cities but wildlife and ecosystems; are dams worth the trouble?
  10. Geography in the media

Dissertation Topics In Marketing

The dissertation topics in marketing that are the best are found in the following list. If you are struggling with your marketing dissertation topic then this is the best place for you to find one:

  1. Is product quality attached to customer loyalty for both low and high touch products?
  2. Can retailers of luxury goods prevent barriers forming to switching?
  3. Discuss the case of Starbucks: do consumers really understand the values of any company or brand?
  4. Do the best products need to be found in leading brands?
  5. How does direct selling change depending on the product type?
  6. Analyze the book industry: how do methods of prospecting differ online and offline?
  7. What does supermarket promotions occurring in India tell us about social class influencing relationship-building activities?
  8. Does gender play a part in selecting luxury goods?
  9. How does personalization for products of firms work? Think Nike.
  10. Investigate the cases of consumer’s behavior in auctions online.

PhD Dissertation Topics in Computer Science

The following is a list of dissertation topics that are very popular right now:

  1. How has technology changed human addiction?
  2. How is resource management different with the advent of cloud computing?
  3. Has how people learn been impacted for better or worse because of computers?
  4. Are education and health linked in that those with better access to academia and technology live longer?
  5. Genetics is a major part of science today; how has computer technology changed it?
  6. Is our future going to be filled with robot servants and friends?
  7. How will mobile phones and systems change in the next ten years?
  8. Do children learn better or worse if they are exposed to the radiation from phones and other technology at a very young age?
  9. The management of communication in computers in public schools
  10. Technology has improved globalization with the internet, where is it going next?
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